Louise Campbell

Louise Campbell

"ON HER DESIGN PHILOSOPHY ""My work has three simple ground rules. Don't cut corners, find the essence, dare to be different.

ON NEW NORDIC ""We have inherited the thrill of rational thinking, the joy of detail, and the strive for good craftsmanship from our predecessors. But times are different; technology, speed and the state of mind have changed. These years Scandinavian design is going through a refreshing renewal, but without losing the basic strength of our tradition.

To put this metaphorically: The Scandinavian designer of today has one foot in an airplane and the other solidly planted in the Nordic nature.""

As a key driving force behind the new strong movement in Scandinavian design, Louise Campbell has been awarded designer of the year in Denmark. She is also a leading figure in the design debate and holds several honorary positions in the design community.

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