Ron Arad

Ron Arad

"Born: Tel Aviv 1951, son of painter mother and photographer father.

1971-73 Jerusalem Academy of Art.

1973: Moved to London.

1974-79: Architectural Association - School of Architecture, studies under Peter Cook and B. Tschumi.

1981: Established One Off Ltd. with Caroline Thorman in Covent Garden, London, a design studio, workshops and showroom.
First success with a range of furniture and interior structures in tube and cast iron fittings.
Well known pieces include the 'Rover Chair', the vacuum-packed 'Transformer' chair and the remote controlled 'Aerial' light. Later work explored the use of tempered steel, first in the 'Well-Tempered Chair' and later in the popular 'Bookworm'.

1989: Founded Ron Arad Associates, Architecture and Design practice with Caroline Thorman in Chalk Farm, London.

1993: One Off is incorporated into Ron Arad Associates.

1994: 'Ron Arad Studio' established in Como in 1994 to continue and expand on the production studio pieces as previously produced in the London workshops.
The facilities of the Ron Arad Studio hugely expanded the possibilities in regard to materials, technique and engineering, allowing for such pieces as 'Box in 4 Movements' (with a torsion sprung ratchet mechanism) and 'R.T.W.', (a free-rolling large wheel with inner shelving that always remains parallel to the floor) to be produced.
Installations for 'L'Esprit du Nomade', Fondation Cartier, Paris and The Domus Totem for the Trienale in Milan.

Ron Arad was Professor of Product Design at the Hochschule für Angewandte Kunst in Vienna from 1994-7.
Professor of Furniture Design at the Royal College of Art in London, 1997.
He is currently Professor of Design Product at the RCA.

He was guest Editor of 1994 International Design Yearbook and Designer of the Year, 1994. His work has been widely featured in many design/architectural books and magazines worldwide.

Ron Arad has run several design workshops for students, including those at the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein, Germany, Vitra Farm in France and Ravenna in Italy.

He continues to lecture on his work regularly at universities and design schools worldwide.

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