Britt Bonnesen

Britt Bonnesen

"Britt Bonnesen, born 1969

Graduated within fashion and Britt since worked within the fashion industry for 10 years. After this she started her own home interiors shop. Britt Bonnesen has been an important part of Normann Copenhagen since the very beginning. Amongst other things Britt has designed the swing vase and the tipping glass.

""Right now I am fascinated by the many hip design hotels around the world. I like the eye for detail and the way these details have been well thought through, right from the atmosphere, food, interior and the staff uniforms down to the hand soap in the toilets. I also get my inspiration from the fashion trade since these two industries have many similarities.""

My grandfather, uncle and my father have all worked their entire lives as glass blowers for Holmegaard so I have always had a passion for glass design. I swear to my little black notebook, which I carry around with me everywhere. There are many good ideas and thoughts in this book and maybe they will become reality one day "".

Glass is a fantastic material. I wanted the swing vase to be a vase with a soul. Each vase is different since they are blown in the traditional way. A unique piece at an affordable price. The tipping glass is inspired by the old drinking glasses used onboard airplanes in first class because they couldn't tip over.""

Best design moments:
""I have plenty but I always like to start the production of new products and see how they become great products. The positive response that follows from customers and at exhibitions is also a great moment.""

Thing big:
""I look forward to help creating the Normann Copenhagen Lifestyle stores around the world.""

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