Britt Kornum

Britt Kornum

Student at the School of Architecture, Aarhus, Denmark, Furniture and Space Art.

Normann Product: Norm 03 lamp shade
""Originally, Norm03 was an assignment at the School of Architecture. However, it had to ripen before becoming a reality. After a while I had to evaluate the design and came up with the idea of using strips to create a sphere. By using paper strips it was possible to create the interesting pattern of waves. Within a short time I had developed the first prototype, but to reach the perfect shape I had to do several experiments. Norm03 is now shown around the World, and it's amazing to experience one's idea becoming an actual product"".

""In my opinion the best design is created from a spontaneous idea.  During a design process I start collecting information about the subject, material and the technical aspects. The different information makes it possible to develop a perfect shape and to create a connection between the intuitive thinking and the technical aspects. This is a working process that gives me much inspiration''.

"" My inspiration I get from organic shapes and mixed with a feminine touch and minimalism my designs are completed. It is every day life as well as life in general that inspires me in my work"".

The co-operation with Normann:
""My co-operation with Normann has been both professional and flexible. Normann is a committed company with an ability to make quick decisions when needed"".

Think Big:
""I hope the new designers within Danish furniture will soon reach the same level as the ""old ones"". They deserve it!""

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