Christine Schwarzer

Christine Schwarzer

"Born: 1971

The Danish Royal School of Design, Copenhagen and University of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland.

To me, design is mainly about creating experiences. To be able to convey a frame of mind or tease the imagination at the same time as the product fulfil a practical function. That is the greatest challenge. In one way, creating a new design is my way of telling a story.

Another important ingredient is humour. I can appreciate if my furniture makes people smile. That type of attraction can very well be the reason that makes them approach to try out the furniture.

Christine is Blå Station's flute player. She lives in Denmark, where enjoying life is what counts, and where they postpone the revolution if the weather's wet.

When she designed POLSTERGEIST sofa in 2000, she extended her register to include the entire flute family in variations on a theme that leave plenty of room for improvisation. In its simplest form, without a back, POLSTERGEIST is more like a bench, the bass flute, if you like, that provides the base for later elaborations. Add a backrest and you move up the scale to the tone of the soprano flute. And when equipped with two backrests the air begins to quiver with the sensuality of the alto flute, or the cheery warble of the piccolo if the backs are adjusted tête-à-tête to create a contemporary love-seat.

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