Ole Jensen

Ole Jensen

"Ole Jensen, 1958

 Gratuated at The School of Art - Kolding, The Danish Academy of Architecture and associated to Royal Scandinavia since 1985. Ole Jensen has been teaching at several design schools, exhibited his works in most of Europe, co-founder and member of several design associations and councils.  He has won several famous design awards and has been portrayed in several publications - most recently in the book ""Danish Designers"", by Erik Steffensen -  Aschehoug 2002.

""I don't believe in ""anonymous"". I aim at finding the unique in the simple design and vice versa.""

Normann Products: Washing up bowl - Dust pan
""The washing up bowl turned out to be even better than the original idea. During a design process both form and idea adapt to the design it selves, which is an interesting aspect. By visualising the problem you are able to solve problems in the design in the early process. The challenge with the washing up bowl was the inflexible form. By using rubber the material is flexible and offers a contemporary version of a new, yet an everyday icon, that touches the heart.""

""Ideas and materials are closely related. The idea take its form only when working with the material. I only trust a particular form when I have touched it with my fingers. I am able to communicate with the producer as well as the end user through the particular object and I see myself as a fertile minimalist. All counts. Neither more nor less!""

""I am inspired by the closeness and the banal in the reality that surrounds me. When I am in my kitchen I can suddenly think of the reason why there isn't a decent pan or pot with the ability to do such and such. That is how I got the idea for the washing up bowl. The standard bowls were inflexible and they didn't appeal to an attractive washing up experience. And because no other designers had attempted to solve the problem this idea offered a great deal of liberty.""

The co-operation with Normann:
""Normann is a dynamic company with an ability to turn idea into action fast. They are good at uniting quality with the commercial making good design available to the general public and end user"".

Think big: ""I would like to design an entire public kitchen from one end to the other ... But apart from that every single day brings new design challenges which I would like to take up...""

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