Rikke Hagen

Rikke Hagen

"Rikke Hagen, 1970

Graduated at ""Danmarks Design School""; Glass ware and Ceramics 1998.

Independent owner of Hagenglas workshop since 1998.

Normann product: Double Bowl:
''It took a while to develop the right shape of the Double Bowl. With inspiration taken in the material, an organic form was created. The molten glass creates a floating shape kept together by a sharp line which makes the Double bowl look like a cell division. This results in a sculptural form which maintains a tight simplicity whilst showing the movement of the natural glass"".

""I normally start with sketches by drawing simple lines or abstract scribbles which later results in the final design throughout selection and simplification. By developing the design I take inspiration in my sketches, as the actual technique and material often limits my creative process.""

Think Big:
""My vision is to create design for every day life - preferably through a glance of simplicity and play"".

Royal Copenhagen, Danish Crafts, Holmegaard, Scandinavian Light

The co-operation with Normann:
""Normann, because their design strategy transforms innovation into reality.""

Ausgewählte ""Rikke Hagen"" Produkte:"