Verner Panton

Verner Panton

"Verner Panton was born in Funen, Denmark, in 1926. Before finishing his qualifications as an architect, he had already started working with the world-famous architect Arne Jacobsen. Here he helped to develop designs for the famous Ant chair, to mention just one design. He only stayed a few years, as he longed to spread his wings.

In 1953, he started travelling through Europe in his VW camper, which he used as his studio and home.
In 1962, he settled down in Basel, but maintained contact with his homeland until his death in 1998. His break-through arrived in 1958, when he designed the interior of his parents' inn and with this, his first design icon was born: Cone Chair.

From then on, Verner Panton never ceased to surprise and provoke. His designs were stunning and simple, hitting you right in the eye. Though his designs were influenced by the thinking of the sixties, there are clear links to designers from other periods, such as Gerrit Rietfeld and Marcel Breuer, who with similar clarity worked their ideas through to the final product. Everything pared down to the essential.

Much of Verner Panton's furniture design reveal a grander vision, for a complete scheme, where furniture, lamps and all parts of the interior melt together - an opportunity to play with ideas, which always carry his personal stamp.

Things took off in earnest with the restoration of Hotel Astoria in Norway, where both Topan and the pattern Geometry I was born. In the same way as Mies van der Rohe created The Barcelona Pavillion, Verner Panton now designed one of the most famous interiors of the 20th century in 1970: Visiona II for the Bayer company at the Cologne Furniture Fair. Through an explosion of shape and colour, he was able to test a host of design ideas. The best known interior ""Phantasy Landscape"" was a gentle, womb-like structure, which invited you to stand, lie or float in the folds of Dralon, starting with cooler colours in the perimeter and finishing in an orgie of red in the middle.
After moon landings and the hippie culture of the previous decade, Verner Panton here showed his vision of year 2000.

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