Simon Karkov

Simon Karkov

"Simon Karkov, 1932

Graduated in architecture from The Danish Academy of Architecture. Since the sixties he has been working for several architecture offices in Denmark. The past 10 years he mainly worked for the Municipality of Frederiksberg. During this period he left his mark on several projects as for example Frederiksberg Hospital and Frederiksberg Gymnasium. Today Simon is enjoying his retirement in Turkey working on smaller projects.

Normann Products: Norm 69
""The self-assembly concept has always fascinated me. I got the idea for Norm 69 during the 60'ies but back then I did not manage to finalize the project. Finally ready for production I established the company Refka with a colleague. However, we couldn't succeed with Norm69 but that changed when it ""caught the eye"" of Normann Copenhagen beginning of 2000.

""I am constantly inspired by nature. Norm69 is inspired by flowers and cones"".

""Whenever I get an idea I draw a sketch which is then transformed into a model. The model is then adjusted over a period of time until the final prototype can be done.""

The co-operation with Normann:
""Normann Copenhagen is a professional company and they are extremely good at marketing and selling the product. The self-assembly concept is ideal for distribution world-wide and Normann Copenhagen saw the potentials. They made my lamp a success with which I am satisfied and I hope to co-operate more with Normann in future"".

Think Big:
""I dream of developing new ways of designing furniture and larger objects through the self-assembly concept. This concept must be able to work on a larger scale and that thought fascinates me. Right now I am working on a collection of furniture, a draft for a boat and more self-assembly lamps - we'll see if they get done"".

Architect at J.C Louring, Frederiksberg, Kalundborg and Henry & Niels Kryger, Holte design studios. Teacher at The Danish Academy of Architecture and employed in the department for architecture at the Municipality of Frederiksberg.

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